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It’s the middle of October 2020 as I write this article, which is why I headlined it as MLM Fast Start For 2021, although the intention was for it to be used in 2020. The contents are still valid for 2021, and beyond.

I recently watched a recording of a presentation by Eric Worre where he proposed how to start 2020 fast. The presentation was broadcast in early January, probably in the first few days of the year. Little did we all know then what was going to happen later on in 2020! Current events not withstanding, it was a very interesting presentation. Give the guy his due, he’s been very successful in his career. Eric’s been in MLM since 1988 he says and has earned around $15 Million in that time. That’s not so shabby, with an average of $500,000 per year income. Certainly a lot less in his early years and probably a lot more laterly. So, we know he’s been around the track a few times. Had all the experiences of the Old School MLM. It doesn’t matter what, or how many, companies he has been involved in during his career. He has been a trainer and mentor for thousands over the past few years, regardless of company affiliations. Having said all that, we can assume that he speaks with some authority. He certainly produced some interesting statistics.

70% of Distributors recruit 0 people – (Zero – Ziltch – None)

20% of Distributors recruit 1-2 people

5% of Distributors recruit 3-5 people (Industry average is 2.3)

3% of Distributors recruit 6-9 people

2% of Distributors recruit 10 or more people

These 2% of Distributors recruit on average 27 new people

These 2% of Distributors recruit 70% of all recruits

So, to be successful in Network Marketing you Need to be in the 2% group and encourage the 2% people in your team. Sorry to the 70%!

Success Loves Speed – I’ve certainly heard this one before, and it’s true!

Eric goes on to say that in his career his momentum was generated by a burst of activity, and historically, 90% of his long term income came as a result of these bursts of activity.

That is significant on two levels, and why you need an MLM Fast Start For 2021.

A burst of activity generates new recruits, agreed it should, if done systematically. It also generates an invrease in enthusiasm, motivation, intensity, excitement, and higher commitmentm which results in more sales and, therefore, more income for everybody.

These feelings are also absorbed by your team, just by being around you, seeing it reflected in your videos and hearing it in your voice. Those feelings encourage them to do more, as in the old addage… “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. You are a Leader and Your Team Follow Your Lead, so Lead by example!

Never try to encourage those team members that do not follow you. Leave them be or else you will constantly chasing them to act. It will be akin to herding cats, and that’s never worth the effort.

Work with those team members that move under their own steam. They are building their own businesses after all. By all means help them, encourage them, support them but never do the work for them.

Over the course of many years, and many bursts of activity, Eric has found that there is a distinct advantage in recruiting a large number of people in a short space of time. He aims to recruit 20 people in 30 days, give or take a few, during these bursts of activity.

The Benefits of an MLM Fast Start For 2021

Statisically he found that by recruiting 20 people in 30 days (The Hare) that:-

12 did something

8 were still active after 90 days

4 were still active after 1 year – (1 person was doing 50% of all activity)

2 were still active after 5 years and were MLM *SuperStars*

A similar 20 people recruited over a period of 30 months (The Tortoise) found that:-

8 did something

4 were atill active after 90 days

1 was still in after 1 year

Most felt like neglected orphans, none were active long term and nobody became MLM *SuperStars*.

So, we can clearly see the benefits of a MLM Fast Start For 2021. Imagine the effects on your income if you stick to the long term growth plan used by most in MLM.

It is releatively easy to work out the financial advantages of being a “Hare” by asking tourself the following questions:-

  1. What are the upfront commissions worth? x20 =
  2. Are there any early bonuses to claim? x20 =
  3. How many extra customers have been aquired? value =
  4. What would the next 12 month be worth? value =
  5. What is the lifetime value of these customers? value =
  6. What is any rank advance worth financially? value =
  7. What are the effects of being recognised? value =
  8. Total Value =

The financial value of recognition is very difficult to asses, and in many ways could be perceived as priceless. Think about that. You may have seen it happen to others in your company, certainly in the industry.

You recruit 20+ people into your team

Tour team sales increase

Your upline notices, maybe their upline too

Your rank advances, so your company notices you

Your income increase, so does your belief

Team activity and motivation increases with pride in your achievements

More activity results in more sales, more recruits, more rank advances and more people talking about you. You may win travel incentives, get awards presented on stage at conferences, get invites to leadership meetings and events. You have become an MLM *SuperStars*.

A downside to all that is you now have a reputation to uphold and a record to maintain, Young Guns will be going for your title, which is great if they’re in your team! You have to do it all over again the next year, and the next year until you reach critical mass and your network grows organically. Your role changes then to one of leadership by the example of what you’ve done they can achieve too. You no longer have to actively recruit as people will come to you and beg you to let them join your personal downline.

To sum up, remember the phrase “If it has to be, It’s up to me”, so then What Is Required Of Me?

  1. You need to Decide to Start – be willing to do what’s required
  2. You need to be Hungry enough to pull you through the rough times
  3. You need to be Coachable enough to learn the new skills required
  4. You need to Feel your Fears, and do it anyway! What is a Fear?
False Evidence Appearing Real. Feel the fear and do it anyway to make an MLM Fast Start For 2021
False Evidence Appearing Real.

These are the costs of entry. The price you will need to pay to change your life beyond reconition. Are you willing to pay the price. May have gone before you, and many will follow the path but are you Big Enough to walk the walk yourself?

Only You Have The Answer.

To Your Success

To a successful MLM Fast Start For 2021 - David James Salvidge
David James Salvidge


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