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Well, Did You Ever Dream of Being an Employee? In this post we are going to discuss success. The fact that unemployment is at an extreme high is not that scary when you realize that being an employee was never your dream (or was it?).

I am an entrepreneur. I haven’t wanted to be an employee for years, and yes, a successful network marketer has to be an entrepreneur.

Even though it was a long, tough road at the start, I love being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is where success is found… or made.

 Did You Ever Dream of Being an Employee? or an Entrepreneur: A crazy person who risks their own money to be MLM *SuperStars*
Entrepreneur: A crazy person who risks their own money to be MLM *SuperStars*

I love starting new businesses. I love the creativity, the people I meet, the challenges, and the rewards. In my early days, the price for gaining the knowledge and experience was high, yet in retrospect it was well worth it. Experience will teach you what not to repeat again, just like cold prospecting (unless you love it of course).

For all you network marketers today, receiving the latest knowledge is much easier using the internet, and so much more affordable too.

I relish in the new challenges I go through every day as an entrepreneur. I love the excitement of the start-up and then the development. Once the business is up and running, I thrive on the challenges of expansion and growth. Once the business is thriving, I love the challenges of bringing in new people, in order to add depth, stability and then grow the business, which makes the business more predictable and profitable.

As an entrepreneur, every day is energizing, new, and experiential. I am always learning something new, even on bad days. To be a true blue entrepreneur, you need to be smart, with a love for learning.

If you do not love learning, the chances are that your business will not grow … because you yourself are not growing. Whenever I find a business that is declining or stagnant, it is often because the owner is declining or stagnant, mentally if not physically.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t just give your life energy and excitement, it gives the world the same lift. Entrepreneurship grows societies.

Entrepreneurship is the key. And here’s the great part… it doesn’t have to be scary. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. It doesn’t have to hurt (much!).

There are many people out there who started their business while still working. This is where network marketing has so many advantages over more traditional business models. Start small then build bigger.

Did You Ever Dream of Being an Employee? Entrepreneurship is "Living The Life" as an MLM *SuperStar*
Entrepreneurship is “Living The Life” as an MLM *SuperStar*

The greatest thing about being an entrepreneur is that you can do it no matter what your situation is, or even where you live, as long as you have internet access that is. I’m 66 and live in the “Wilds of Borneo”!

No matter what is going on around you, just ignore the noise. YOU can succeed, but only IF YOU CHOOSE TO!

With the MLM *SuperStars* programme you have an opportunity to leverage your entrepreneurial skills, using modern marketing methods, to get your network marketing business off to a flying start. You can Apply Today and we’ll see if you’re a good fit.

To Your Success,

Did You Ever Dream of Being an Employee?  David James Salvidge didn't
David James Salvidge

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